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YouTube: Interview Segments & Live Performance
YouTube: Caution to the Wind
YouTube: Shaman's Dream, North Country Fair
Advocate of Love, North Country Fair
YouTube: Shaman's Dream, Sasquatch Gathering
YouTube: Wide Open, Sasquatch Gathering
Advocate of Love, Sasquatch Gathering
YouTube: Digital Girl by Urban Artworks
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Al Brant, 2010
Wide Open
1. Lil Miss Get-you-back MP3
2. Italian Skies MP3
3. Wide Open MP3
4. Shaman's Dream MP3
5. One of Those Days MP3
6. Advocate of Love MP3
7. Common Thread MP3
8. Busy Chasing Nothin' MP3
9. Digital Girl MP3
10. Come and Go Blues MP3
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Al Brant & the water birds Al Brant, 2007
Songs for the Early Morning Sun
1. Peace of Mind
2. Wake of A Sunset
3. Standing Tall MP3
4. 80 Roses for Anny MP3
5. Two to One MP3
6. Nothing Left for You and Me
7. Caution to the Wind
8. Path
9. Dear Prudence
10. Fingernail of God MP3 (full song)
11. Don't Hide Away MP3
12 Tired Child
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Al Brant & the water birds Al Brant
Al Brant & the water birds
1. Mad Scientist
2. High on You
3. Woman of the Woods
4. Ain't Gonna Do It MP3
5. Mr. Heavy MP3
6. Horizon of Blue MP3
7. Ride the Wave
8. Bury All Your Dead
9. Hollywood's a Mother
10. Love Raining Down
11. Healer
12. The River MP3

Tacoy Ryde - Here's the Picture Tacoy Ryde
Here's the Picture
1. Where's Doug?
2. Captive

3. Harder to Find MP3
4. Freedom in My Soul
5. Howling
6. Jacob
7. Beautiful Thing
8. All There Is
9. Ojo Grises

The Stone Merchants - have another blue juice, mister The Stone Merchants
have another blue juice, mister
Available online through MapleMusic.com)
1. White Line MP3
2. Get Away
3. Long Lake
4. Short Life
5. Walk That Line
6. Waiting For It All
7. Blue Note Mr.
8. Beautiful Sky
9. Absolution
10. Never Question Why

SMAC - vox populi SMAC
vox populi
Available online through MapleMusic.com)
1. You Woke Up This Morning
2. All the People
3. Love Will Survive
4. Read Between the Lines

5. Don Juan Song
6. Somebody's Livin' Here
7. Ragged Ship
8. Take This Gun
9. All the Walls in China
10. Seeds in the Ground
11. Between the Lines (reprise)

Songs from the Christmas Carol Project Songs of the Christmas Carol Project
(Available online through MapleMusic.com)
"Songs of the Christmas Carol Project", is a songwriters interpretation of the Dickens classic "Christmas Carol" featuring Bill Bourne, Maria Dunn, Kevin Cook, Terry Morrison, Dale Ladouceur, Al Brant and Tom Roschkov. This disc is a recording of a live performance at the Roxy Theatre in Edmonton.

When There's Nothing At All MP3
Other album projects include Al Brant Band Let It Fly 1991 (not available), Stone Merchants Stone Merchants compilation, 1999, The Millenium Crew's 21st Century Tango Suite 1999, Stone Merchants Live in the Living Room 2000 and SMAC YigiYigi 2003.


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