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Songs for the Early Morning Sun
1. Peace of Mind
2. Wake of A Sunset
3. Standing Tall MP3
4. 80 Roses for Anny MP3
5. Two to One MP3
6. Nothing Left for You and Me
7. Caution to the Wind
8. Path
9. Dear Prudence
10. Fingernail of God MP3 (full song)
11. Don't Hide Away MP3
12 Tired Child
Peace of Mind
Beautiful peace of mindleft a bad relationship, bought a new home for my daughter and me. After the smoke cleared I realized, "Wowthis is one of the best things I have ever done."

Wake of a Sunset
I pretty well grew up at Ma-Me-O Beach, Alberta. Spent all my summers out there either staying with my grandparents or in our family cabin across the street. It has always been a place for me to get grounded. We still have our cabin there.

Standing Tall
This song was written for my youngest daughter. She is extremely independent and I just wanted her to know that I am there for her and that I hope she never loses the compassion she feels for others. We need more like her on our planet.

80 Roses for Anny
I am a staff artist at one of Canada's largest hospitals. I get to meet a lot of wonderful people in a dayAnny was one of them. I walked into her room with my guitar and she gave me the biggest smile… music was a huge part of her life. I got to know Anny quite well…this song came from our conversations.

Two to One
"And all the while underneath the surface somebody else comes and steals you blind."

Nothing Left for You and Me
I wrote this one around a line that came up in a conversation: "Love is the only thing that can bind me." Thought it would make a good hurtin' song…

Caution to the Wind
I caught a glimpse of a man and woman who looked like they were living on the street. They were holding hands and it seemed as though they had found love in the middle of nothing. I built this song around that little snapshot.

This song is about being at a crossroads. I came very close to packing in my musical career…the whole get a "real job" thing. I had to come to that point to realize that I could never give it up; it helps me make sense of my world and has introduced me to some truly beautiful people. I have been making a living at it now for the last four yearsguess I just had to make up my mind.

Dear Prudence
My brother turned me on to the Beatles at a very young ageall my friends were listening to Kiss while I was listening to the White Album and Magical Mystery Tour over and over. I always dug this tuneit's all about one's perception.

Fingernail of God
When my oldest daughter was quite young she pointed out the crescent moon in the night sky. I was kidding around with her and told her it was the fingernail of God. I always wanted to put that it into a song, so I made up this little dysfunctional tale.

Don't Hide Away
This song is for a good friend of mine from years ago who fell into a destructive mindset and became very negative. The song is not about romantic love but more about the ability to love.

Tired Child
This song honours my grandfather, who was a great influence in my life. After the First World War he came to Canada from Wales and became a member of the Alberta Provincial Police in the 1920s. He would ride on horseback from Wetaskawin to cover the Battle River area, which included Pigeon Lake and the surrounding Indian reserve.
He was a good friend of the Cree people there and eventually retired at Ma-Me-O Beach.

I knew him after he retired from his position as deputy chief of police in Edmonton. He was a quiet, compassionate human who loved nature, a good joke and the odd rum and coke. I grew up not knowing my father so he filled that void for me.



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